For Developers

GameWeb is based on open source tools including PHP, MySQL, and Apache.  This helps to keep GameWeb a flexible platform for future development.  But development is driven by users who want to employ GameWeb to meet their own needs.  We welcome people who see the benefit of using GameWeb to enhance their research, and encourage users to contribute to the direction of future GameWeb development by:

  • expanding the user-base
  • helping set priorities for future development
  • contributing to directly to coding projects
  • finding source of funding for development

Currently future features are prioritized by active users and developers:

Planned Features

  • User interface construction GUI
  • Document Installation on different platforms (Win32, Mac OS X, Linux, Win7)
  • IP verification option (1 machine = 1 user)
  • Web Secure (login, IDs, emails, sessions, etc.)
  • Customized Data output (like game structure)
  • Game Structure Editor (simplify game creation)
  • Asynchronous client & Admin (with Ajax)
  • Mouse-overs (on desktops, and with handhelds)

Please contact the project administrators for additional information.

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