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GameWeb was developed by anthropologists and economists at the University of California, Davis for their own experimental economics research, in both the laboratory (with desktops) and field settings (with laptops and hand-held web clients).  It has been used, or is being used in India, the US, Morocco, and Kenya.  The features of GameWeb make it a uniquely powerful experimental research tool, but much of it’s potential has yet to be realized.

Current Features

  • 100% Web Based
  • Multi-Person Games
  • Millisecond mouse-tracking data (attention)
  • Powerful Game Model
  • Automatic Database handling
  • Open Source

Planned Features

  • Document Installation on different platforms (Win32, Mac OS X, Linux, Win7)
  • IP verification option (1 machine = 1 user)
  • Web Secure (login, IDs, emails, sessions, etc.)
  • Customized Data output (like game structure)
  • Game Structure Editor (simplify game creation)
  • Asynchronous client & Admin (with Ajax)
  • Mouse-over with handhelds
  • User interface construction GUI
  • Link with LimeSurvey to embed decision games within surveys

GameWeb is now ready for a greater user-developer base.  We are seeking researchers who are interested in using GameWeb and contributing to it’s development.  Please contact Tim Waring for additional information.

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